Fire safety monitoring system- Fire Alert – Smoke Alert

Supervising Fire System – Security Alert

The fire supervision system is a tool increasingly necessary for the improvement of the quality of services rendered within an institution. The monitoring system can detect the earliest or even prevent malfunctions and to bind itself to a proactive maintenance.

WHAT fire safety monitoring systemTHE SUPERVISION?

MémoGuard is dedicated to the fire safety monitoring system  category A.

Supervising fire safety system

MémoGuard is specifically designed to interact with control and signaling equipment (ECS) and addressable Fire Safety Started centralizers (WSIS). But also to take the information from SSI different brands and different technologies.

To facilitate the management and operation of the system built around our monitoring software , it is of course possible to set different levels of access and alert, as is customary in Fire Safety, but also to associate with different information crisis management   provided by the various safety equipment (fire alarm, fault, disabled, etc.), targeted messages that significantly diminish the reaction time of the response teams, these instructions s’ adding to site plan proposed animations on the screen.

The fire safety system MémoGuard covers all security alarm fire that are deployed on the site and provides centralized real-time and at one point all data to inform risk. The MémoGuard supervision system, with its open platform allows to integrate and monitor a wide variety of equipment without breaking recast and the architecture of the computer system set up.

The monitoring solutions MémoGuard will manage potential threats (malicious acts, natural and technological disasters …), but also enable centralized and intelligent global vision of cities, sites or buildings.

Looking for a solution to carry technical alarms  to warn constraint agents on their mobile phones, pagers, then make an application for tests MEMOGuard solution.

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