Send SMS alerts with TIVOLI , supervise bound with IBM

Send SMS alarms from on-call personnel to TIVOLI

Safety and innovation with the visibility and control of your infrastructure and automation of spots Monitoring .IBM Service Management provides tools to back up alerts to monitor the quality of service while reducing risk, in order to optimize costs and aligning IT with business objectives.

Send email alerts by SMS with Tivoli

offers service level management functions, ascended to SMS alert on-call personnel is immediate. The IBM TIVOLI tool can manage alerts and reporting on the availability of available IT resources and performance of their internal technical and IT infrastructure.

With IBM Tivoli Service Level Advisor, you can benefit from fast and efficient information to help you manage network services and applications. the alerting snmp and incident management is essential for the smooth running of the system.

Thanks to the supervision SMS alerts generated by Tivoli Software

You can maintain and guarantee the productivity of your equipment, and so keep customers satisfied, reducing the impact on income in case of failure, manage cost centers and improve management planning by managing the available services.

MEMOGuard offers the possibility to send sms alerts with Tivoli for users of IBM TIVOLI software to overcome the various problems because MEMOGuard offers the ability to send text messages , SMS alert on mobile phones of the staff of bound , or all of the person IT department.

The  Monitoring software and reassembled alert SMS with TIVOLI  can:

  • partners-ibm-tivoli-ibm-bpTo minimize downtime of IT systems
  • To prevent the disaster of a technical failure
  • To speed up computer maintenance
  • To improve the service quality of the technical service
  • To automate the process of notification and alert
  • Immediately contact call personnel

MemoGuard accepts and analysis on the fly data type  Text File Frames Tcp / Ip , Mails and dissemination alarms and alerts available media, SMS, email, fax, voice messaging, pagers …

It can thus receive information from Tivoly, HP OpenView, Nagios. The coupling between these monitoring tools and is MemoGuard script insertion for sending information to Memoguard (by one of the pre-mentioned channels).

ITM: the monitoring software from IBM Tivoli. It allows the monitoring of IT systems (OS, network, applications, hardware, etc.), the module supervision Tivoli became IBM Tivoli Monitoring.

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