Site supervision : Have a warning system, alarm and monitoring

Why supervision project: More than one billion € uro is the low estimate of the cost of theft and damage on construction sites for the past year; hence the importance of having a site supervision .The warning system , alarm and monitoring, which will oversee your building sites at night in your absence.

Construction supervision with a warning system.

Monitor a site is not enough, be sure to alarm and alert with a suitable monitoring system.

Warning Example with a supervision system  construction : Dry Contacts, detection systems, IP cameras, software alarms, all these solutions are integrated with our so-called intelligent systems. Memoguard detects for you and triggers a crisis unit automatically and without human intervention, at the slightest alert.

“Crisis Staff Management”

The establishment of a crisis unit becomes easy and can be done in a few clicks, and through the Web GUI management interface , you can access all of the desired parameters, alarms, procedures, substitutions, schedules.

The system of supervision allows to check and control your IT structure and to watch your material or technical installations with ways(means) and back technological methods generation. MEMOGuard oversees equipment and materials installed in the infrastructure, to set up early-warning system in MEMOguard just do it send alerts on the monitoring software you want to control via an email alert, snmp trap alert, alert TCP / IP … sms email alert , SMS alert dry contact

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