Technical adjournment of alarms, fire, computing and manufacturer on the maintenance technicians

You look for a solution of technical adjournment of alarms to warn the maintenance technicians on their GSM, pagers, then made a demand(request) of tests of the solution MEMOGuard. It is possible to interface all the systems fire safety *SSI with our solution for the adjournment(transfer) of the alerts of the Power plants of fire alarms on all the media.

Technical adjournment of alarms to notify the maintenance technicians

The publisher(editor) CLEVER Technologies is specialized in the world of the supervision of the alerts and the transmission of messages of alarm on all the media of communication. We are interfaced with all the SSI ( fire safety system) and developed various modes of communication with equipments according to protocols used by every equipment manufacturer.

The system of technical adjournment(transfer) of alarms is simple to set up whatever is the emitted(uttered) warning message, or whatever is the chosen mode of communication: the adjournment(transfer) of the alarms on our software in SaaS allows to put the system quickly in functioning without any necessary installation. For the precision of the information, we also have the possibility of installing(settling) the system on your own

We have recently just added the protocol of radio paging Salcom of the company Jtech for a French company working in the safety and nuclear power. This technology, radio paging is used for the transfer of alarms on pageurs by our solution MEMOGuard, other protocols are already interfaced such as Nespresso, Radio pager, beeper, POCSAG…

We integrate(join) all the communication protocols on request so that our supervisor or hypersight can receive and interpret all the messages received from the various systems and automatons to be overseen.

The solution of technical adjournment of alarms$, MEMOGuard perfectly meets the needs of operators of maintenance of industrial sites. The interventions of the staff of maintenance are all the more effective as the information put at the disposal of the operator is immediate and visible also on the Web interface of MEMOGuard.

The system of adjournment of warning messages allows, further to the detection of an alarm, to deliver specific messages towards all the people of guard via Mobile Telephone network ( GSM) and others as the radio paging beeper.

*SSI: system fire safety *