Urban Monitoring Center and control with urban Supervision

Monitoring and control with urban Supervision

The supervision center urban  CSU will be moved. The municipal council of the city of Dijon has decided to set up a monitoring system with cameras to improve the safety of citizens in the city center and car parks.

Several news items are resolved through video, surveillance systems video are increasingly used and allow to reduce the burglary rate. The video is a plus for investigations of police forces during investigations. This allows to trace the activity of an individual.

Having cameras is very well perceived by the population that sees the “public peace”, the City Council decided during the council of 12 March, to increase the number of surveillance cameras in the city to complete thedevice Security already installed since 2009. Installation of the new urban center of supervision

Urban Monitoring center

The new urban Monitoring center (CSU) will be installed at 1, rue Sainte-Anne, in spacious premises and adapted to the increase in human and technical needs.

The monitoring system will consist of two mobile cameras with a fixed camera. A batch of new surveillance cameras will be to verify the exterior and interior of the car parks of the city.

The monitoring device is unanimous and responds perfectly to improving the safety of buildings such as car parks. The supervision system with cameras used to secure specific areas such as bus lines regularly victims of “stone throwing” altercations with drivers.

The installation of the new urban monitoring center CSU is subject to official authorization, it will take the permission of the Prefecture.

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