Interface man machine to oversee the alarms

Interface Man Machine for the supervision of the alerts with a Web interface

Interface Man Machine for the Supervision of the teams and of schedules of to be on-call “

Our automaton of alarm adapts itself to the branch of industry, to the data networks, to the institutions and to all which touches the safety(security) and the forms of activities bound(connected) to the urgent interventions (fire brigades, safety(security)).

” On-call Staff management via a Web interface “

This software solution allows to be reactive, in front of crises, alerts and alarms by warning the on-call person. She also allows to be proactive by avoiding the risks thanks to her management platform and the on-call supervision.

With a Web interface oversee the alarms and the alerts via an IHM ” Interface Man Machine ” is possible from now on. With the software or with the Web interface, to manage the alerts becomes easy and easy(well-to-do) and immediate. L ” interface of accessible(approachable) supervision via internet allows to visualize(display) quickly the current(in class) interventions, and counts other parameters of the system.

” Management crisis unit “

The implementation of a crisis unit, becomes easy(well-to-do), and can be made in a few clicks, and thanks to the interface of supervision Web IHM, you will reach all the desired parameters, alarms, procedures, substitutions, schedules.

Besides the consultations, you can list the active elements, consult, trigger alarms, to acquit(settle) and even to delete(eliminate) already handled alerts; also the management of the on-line schedules can be also managed.

” IHM and Web services, advanced administration “

Due to his(her,its) modules of advanced administration, you can also oversee the state of the (nominal / degraded) system, make and handle the synchronizations, and manage as well the main system as its backup.

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