Software supervision of boiler and temperature.

As part of the energy savings and / or financial savings to be made within institutions or companies, the important point to monitor or supervise is heating and all those expenses that result.

Maintain a temperature, ensure ventilation, control the humidity of the air, many parameters to be adjusted constantly to provide the desired level of thermal comfort by its customers while optimizing energy consumption.

 Hypervision software for the management of heating

The management of heating networks is still room for improvement in good numbers of institutions, it is often limited to a basic power management drivers housings can manage the heating zones to vary by 2 ° C during the day and up to 2 ° C in the presence of personnel.

Software hypervision : With MemoGuard 2012 we offer intelligent management of heating networks by communicating equipment to you a thorough heating management (supervision of regulation, the programming of monitoring, control, monitoring, statistics …)