Software of network supervision: tools of monitoring Centreon and MEMOGuard.

Our tools of network supervision evolve, and we have the pleasure to announce the integration of the interface Centreon (ex Oreon) in our solution of supervision Memoguard, in its last versions.

Software of network supervision for the surveillance with Centreon and MEMOGuard.

logiciel de Supervision réseaux The software network supervision Centreon leaned until now on the engine of recovery(recycling) Nagios, but since his(her) last one version2.4 X, its Web interface is renamed(reappointed) Motoring Engine; information feedbacks are simplified, and so the consultations are more accessible(approachable), including even the less warned users, with a display(posting) of clear and precise graphs.

In the future, it will thus be easier for the end user if he wishes to visualize(display) the graphs of performances, to have exportable Web reports(relationships), to administer the parameters, by managing the accesses and by arranging logs, to visualize(display) the complete state of the system and especially to have a synthetic view(sight) of all the supervision of the Information system

The user can thus, via the supervisor Centreon, trigger the alarms which will be managed by Memoguard according to its usual processes, and the acquittal(payment) of the alarm Memoguard can automatically acquit(settle) the alarm Centreon of origin.

So the fact of adding an additional application coat(layer), allows a new interface and an offer of numerous and new features; and in the case, of use of normal Nagios coupled with MemoGuard, the technicians can continue to reach the technical basic information.
The supervisor of alarm, for penalty, acquittal(payment) with or without joining end to end, multi-protocols Memoguard

Memoguard for several years is used by big begun(undertaken), in all the business sectors: computing, telecoms, industry, pharmacy, medical, banking. He(it) interfaces with all the schedulers and the big software packages of the market (Control-M, Maestro, Open View, Whats Up, BMC Patrol, and those of the free world as the tool of supervision Nagios and Centreon.

Once the alarms were gone back up(were raised), Memoguard takes care of them and reacts immediately to set up the real crisis unit. Memoguard activates(starts) procedures predefined according to the schedules of presence of the actors, or the on-call staff who will be warned(prevented) by GSM, e-mail, Pager, SMS, Fax, fixed telephone etc. etc.

Finally, in his(her,its) last version Memoguard also integrate(join) the Swap of the alarms, which will allow at any time in a voluntary way or undergone (consequence of an identified event), to replace immediately all the procedures or the weekly schedules, by all or left the alerts and alarm.

Memoguard also proposes an interface “Smartphone” always meeting the needs more numerous of the users followers of the mobility.